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Hi, I’m back again [:O]

I worked for a NSC for years and now for a client. But I don’t remember[:$] if a client licence for Nav 3.10 is eternal or if this licence expires on a predefined day. I mean do we pay one time the licence or do we pay every year the amount?

The client has baught his Navision 5 years ago (so it was not microsoft yet).

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generally you pay one time the whole package, then you pay 10% of that every year.

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The client license should not have any expiration date. You can use it indefinitely for the version you bought (it might not run on newer Operating systems) . If you have an upgrade agreement, then you can get a new license for the newer Versions.

Basically a user licnese never expires. What expires is the upgrade ability. So if you stop paying the maintinence fees, then you won’t be able to use your licence to acces the next version of Navision. Generally you can use your license though the current version, but say you had purchased a 3.10 licence, then you cold access 3.60 and 3.70 executables but if there is new functionality added, hou license probably would not have access to that new functiionality. So Microsoft oculd make 10 subreleases 4.01, 4.05, 4.40, 4.9 etc, and you would be able to ue all those executables, but not 5,.xx.

Now on an interesting side note, Microsoft have now announced that they are going to be releaseing a new version every 12 months now. There have been many conjectures as to why, but really the logical oneis that now your licence will only fucntion for the releases in that current year, so it becomes more an more important to keep up with maintinence.

On Maintinence, I in any case beleive that 99% of all clients should keep up with maintinence, yes there are exceptions, but for most growing business, you do need to know that you are being supported, and have somewhere to grow. So its all a moot point, but ther eare those cases where a client does not need to upgrade, and for them this does nto apply.

Nick, in your case, I am guessing that the cleint has basically beeen runing the current version for 5 years with no problems, and don’t see a need to upgrade, in that case they are probably best to ust use what they have bought for now. In anycase it would be an expensive process to catch iup on support, so probably not worth it. If say they want to go to 5.00 it may make more sense just to start again.

I do not believe this is the case, we are on 4.0 non sp1 and paying maintence so we have access to 4.01, 4.05 ect, but if we did not pay maintence we could not access 4.01 only 4.0, we had to get one of the sp1 fixes installed for bank rec. and it would not run on our 4.0 license, we had to load a new license for 4.0 SP1 to use the fix, Microsoft comfirmed our maintance was in effect before issuing the new license file.

That’s exactly what I said. I.E that you have access to executables, but not new objects. [;)]

the SP1 are executables and object correct ?

and without paying maintenance I would not be able to use SP1 executables with a 4.0 non SP1 license

what am I mis-understanding on the difference between objects and executables.

No matter what the mis-understanding if I was not paying maintenance I would not be able to get either one - objects or executables beyond 4.0

Not really. The Navision licence generally is for a base version number, eg 3.xx or 4.xx so in John’s case, he could probably run up to version 3.70 executables using the 3.10 licence he has. Also he culd install all EXE, DLL etc hot fixes for the 3xx versions. This actually is a good thing, and there are many good rasons to just update the executables.

As to objects, if the service pack is a fix to existing code, then also the licece will work, but it won’t work if there are new objects, (tables forms etc).

I’ll go with that, with a big but attached,

He may be able to run up to 3.7, but he won’t be able to get the files from Microsoft, he will have to have a solution center break they license agreement with Microsoft and give him the files.

And I do know that in my case, we were paying for maintenance and upgraded to 4.0 non SP1, we received a license for 4.0, In June or annual maintenace ran out, any items we did not already have a right to such as SP1 or SP2, if we did not renew, we could not get anything beyond that. And we did not have the SP1 license from Microsoft becuase we were only using 4.0 and had not bothered to get a new license.

So, even if we had the right to 4.0 thru SP2, we could not get a license issued without the maintance agreement in place. So, the bug fix in SP1 for our bank rec. problem, would have had to have been fixed by a programmer without using anything requiring a 4.0 sp1 license, because Microsoft would not issue the new license.

Now, we did renew, but this is exactly how it was explained by our solution center, maybe they were not being entirely true, but they specifically said, they would do programming required (at their hourly rate) to fix any problems we had, if we did not renew maintance, but they would not be able to get any new licenses or hotfixes from microsoft on our behalf.

But the thing you needed was teh objects,not the executables. I thinyou will find that teh SP1 exe would have run with your base 4.00 licence