how to set many kind of printer in pre-printed frm

Hi there, my name is surya from Indonesia. I want to ask you about suppose like this… You have 6 units EPSON LQ1170, and 2 units EPSON LQ2180, and 3 units LQ2170. when you set the invoice, tax invoice, and sales receipt, on EPSON LQ2170 at pre-printed form paper, they seems to be good. But when you change the printer into EPSON LQ1170, the setting that you already made will be diferent. did anyone has experience for handling such problem ???

Yes, but without offering hope of an easy solution. Even if you used the Generic Printer Driver for all the printers, you might not be able to use the same setup on different types of printers. Option one is trial and error to see if you can define a common set up (and your chances of success are very dependent on both your specific preprinted form and on the specific combinaton of printers that you have). Another option is to see if your printers have a common emulation, i.e. can they all emulate an IBM ProPrinter (or some such). A third option is to use one of the third party printing management products to do the mapping for you (I really don’t know if this approach would work or not)

Ok Daves… I think for the fastest solution I think I will have to create report object for the certain printer. And If I use Crystall Report in Navision, could they possibly work ? and do you have any experience about using Crystall Report in Navision ??? [:0] Thanks & Regards[:0][:)] Surya

I have not attempted to use Crystal Reports to solve a printer format compatibility problem. I would be dubious about the likelihood of success as there are different physical attributes to different printers that almost always must be taken into account when using preprinted forms. Attributes such as the margins (tied to the feed mechanism), the settling point (if they are continuous form, impact printers), the printer’s specific interpretation of the font, the default paper handling procedures (e.g. go to top of page at the end of a report or not, etc.) and a number of others. I’ve always found the effort to create a “standard” report to print to a pre-printed form on multiple printers to be more expensive than the choice of either limiting the form to one type of printer or replacing the problem printers (hardware is cheap, labor is expensive…usually). Good luck.

You can define the relations between User, Report and printer in the table 78. IF you dont specify any printer properties in your report, the outprint will use the defaults, defined in your printersettings. Maybe you can avoid different outprints in change the settings of your printers. Dont create reports with the same functions for different printers. Like David said, it’s cheaper to by hardware… Bye (Stefan) PS.: I solved problem with different papersizes this way:

HI surya,

I think u hav to adjust the alignments as per the respective printer.

can u tell how to print the special characters like degree meu plus or minus etc in preprinted reports and also how to modify the font size .