Choosing Printers by Document

Hi All, Quick Question (2.6 - Basically Standard) - I’ve set up my Invoice and Delivery Docs (Bon de livraison in French) to individually prompt the user where they want to be printed (UseRequestForm=YES, UseSystemPrinter=NO, and nothing has been declared in the Printer Selection Table 78). This works fine when I print each individually, but when I choose to Post and Print in one step, both docs go to another printer, without allowing the user to select anything. What do I need to do in order to be able to select the destination of both docs individually? Thanks in advance, Nick p.s. Another related question about setting up the Printer Selection Table: I am using Windows login authentication. Do I need to populate the USER table in Navision, or can I just refer to the users by their windows logins (e.g. “CORP\”) in order to specify user/report/printer combinations?

Hi Nick, I think your problem is that there is nothing specified in the Printer Selection table (table 78). Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Software development today is a race between the programmers trying to make better and more foolproof programs, and the universe trying to make bigger idiots. So far the universe is winning.

When using Post + Print, the code that calls the report calls it setting the parameter for using request form to false, ignoring in that way the property set by default on that report, so no matter if you’ve set your report by default to be asking for the requestform or not, it will not show that request form and so you cannot choose the printer. The UseSystemPrinter propertie has nothing to do in this problem. :slight_smile: Regards, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

  • and if no printer is setup in the printer setup table, Navision will use the workstations Default Printer… //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-