Printing to Specific Printers and Specific Trays

Hi All, Have specified the report in Printer Selections, have specified every combination of ‘PaperSourceFirstPage’ and ‘PaperSourceOtherPages’ on report properties but still can’t get a single report to print out on a chosen printer using a chosen tray. Has anybody got any tips at all? What about the ‘Device Font Name’ parameter and/or the ‘UseSystemPrinter’ parameters? Are they relevant? I’ve also looked into the setup of the printer itself. Do the parameters on a Navision Report bypass the default settings of a printer? Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Robert, there is an answer from Nav-Reference Guide: If the UseSystemPrinter is set to No, but there is no specific printer defined for the User/Report combination, the system default printer will be suggested. To get a single report out on a chosen printer, go to General Ledger - Setup - Printer Selections. For the paper source: A different setting in the Print dialog or Page Setup dialog overrides the value specified for the PaperSourceFirstPage property. If you look into the printer manual and think you have found out, how to configure a special tray, but it doesn’t work, than just try and try another setting, as I had to do with Lexmark. Michael