Dot Matrix and Pre-printed forms

Hi: Let me explain my problem At this moment I am using an Okidata ML391 Turbo to print Pre-printed forms of my invoices and credit memos, but it is a big problem because each time I and invoice or credit memo I have to select Printer Name, Paper Size and Orientation. If I setup all these by default it does not fit on the pre-printed form. Does any one has an idea why is this happening? We installed Okidata printer as EPSON LQ-2080 ESC/P2. By the way we are using Citrix. [V]

**Real Name: Francisco Paco Age: 13 Marital Status: Married Occupation: IT Manager** Ok, boy [;)], First congratulations as you’re probably the youngest married IT Manager i’ve ever knew about [:D]. Now let’s go to the serious stuff… Orientation, Paper size and so it’s something you can setup on Navision report’s themselves (but usually paper size it’s giving you only standard sizes… that can be sometimes a problem). For changing those parameters just open the report in design mode, on the dataitems’s screen choose a new empty line (with no dataitems on it) and click properties… you’ll see the set of properties). Something else you can do is setting up the printer as a new printer and set the papersize, orientation and printer name on that new printer driver in the way you need for that form, then choose on printer selections on navision that printer (general ledger-> setup-> printer selections) as the one to use when printing that report. Regards,

Dot matrix printers and Citrix … good luck[;)] What you will have to do is to define a new printer specifically for the report. Then you need to assign that printer to the specific report. The report setup (i.e the actuall EPSON LQ-2080 ESC/P2 driver) should allow you to enter your settings. Then the issue becomes how to get it working with Citrix. This is not difficult, but takes a lot of playing around. Hope this helps.