how to set many kind of printer in pre-printed frm

[:)]Hi there, my name is surya from Indonesia. I want to ask you about how to set many kind of printer in pre-printed form. suppose like this… You have 6 units EPSON LQ1170, and 2 units EPSON LQ2180, and 3 units LQ2170. when you set the invoice, tax invoice, and sales receipt, on EPSON LQ2170 at pre-printed form paper, they seems to be good. But when you change the printer into EPSON LQ1170, the setting that you already made will be diferent. did anyone has experience for handling such problem ??? [xx(]

I have run into similar problems. Different printers and printer drivers handle the report differently and will print it out differenlty. They only way I’ve found around it is to make a report for each type of printer and assign that report to a printer in Printer Selections off the General Ledger menu, Setup option. Careful with what operating systems you clients are, the printer name will change between W2K, NT and 98.