How to fix pricing rules.


I have a problem with pricing rules.

I create article and I added there pricing rules.

When I create Sales order line and I choose property for this SOR ( I have property for example - surcharge 20% for express delivery ) I don’t receive bigger price. My price is still X not X+20% what I want gain.

Please give me some advices what I should to do.

Please provide proper tags. Example: Version of AX, Is this related to retail?

It is AX 2012 modul product information management.
Yes it is related to retail but no directly.
These are services and I have fix price or price per kg but I have cases where I need to use some surcharge.
So I created trade agreements ( I fixed there all minimum charges and prices per kg ) and pricing rules where I put all lines which I need for increase my price.

When you create your trade agreements, you need to make sure that they are posted and that all of the criteria specified on the trade agreement is met when you create your sales order lines. For example, if your trade agreement is $15.99 for 10-100 items and then $12.99 for 100-200 items but you are only putting 9 on the sales order line, it will not pick up any of the prices. This is true for every field specified on the trade agreement, I am just using qty as an example.

Could you post a screen shot of the posted trade agreement journal and the sales line referencing the same settings?

Hello Kelly,
The problem isn’t with prices because when I create sales order line price is fixed automatically and this part is working good. But If I’d like to add some additional cost for example 20%. I add another property - my property is surface protection 20%. So I put additional cost to price rules(pricing rules) and after I create sales order line and add another property with additional cost nothing is happend. My price X doesn’t grow up by 20%.

I can’t add screen shot here. I don’t know why.

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This is my trade agreements.

this is pricing rules.

Price agreement is working good. I got the right price if I put some calues in kg.

But if I want add additional cost for example shape, I can’t. Nothing is happend.

Hey Hubertes,

Which form is that second screen shot from? It doesn’t look familiar to me? Which module is it in and how do you navigate to it?


Hey Jake,
To create pricing rules (some group of rules which have to increase standard price ) I go to Product information management/Common/Released products. There I create new article and next I fix all trade agreements etc.

Hi Hubertes

I believe like the issue with activating an operation this is a customization just for your system. I am afraid no one on here can really help, you need to understand your customization.

I beleive the column “Boolean” which is a Boolean kind of gives this away :slight_smile:

Ok. so I will try to analize articles which are working good.
Anyway thanks for yours attention.