Sales Price

Hi all,

I created a Sales Order, there are two lines item

First line item has sales agreement and the second line item has trade agreement

The pricing for first line will follow the pricing set in sales agreement and for second line it will follow the pricing set in trade agreement,

My question is, is there any methods to overwrite the agreement pricing and display the retail price?

For sales agreement related line,

\Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesLine\Methods\initFromAgreementLine

\Data Dictionary\Maps\SalesPurchLine\Methods\setAgreementQtyAndPrice

for sales price from other sources,

\Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesLine\Methods\setPriceDisc

Start looking at these methods.

Basic thing is you should start debugging from the sources that can result a price init or update. Like creating a sales line, modifying item id, modifying inventory dimensions, modifying qty…