Could the Price List to be Updated from the sales Order (Sales Line Price)

Hi to every one

I have an issue relevant to the sales Price list that needs to be updated for a specific customer and related items such that it is being kept updated all the time

and the price getting updated from the latest Sales Order (Sales Line Prices)

in other words, the user needn’t keep updating and changing the sales price in trade agreement journal or else the system should remember (and Default) the latest price

about this customer with the related item price correspondingly

your help and support is highly appreciated


So in summary you want the price any user puts on the sales order to then automatically create a sales price journal for future use, which could be any price change? Why bother with the trade agreements?

Firstly thanks for your reply

And I need the trade agreement or the List price to be updated and being populated over the sale order automatically not to create new Trade Agreement Manually for the updated price

You need a customisation to take whatever the user puts into the sales price on the line to automatically create a trade agreement, is that what you are saying? You understand this is backwards and creates risk, you also could only do this once a day as a price per customer. The idea of an agreement is something you agree with the customer. Letting the entry take any price defeats that, so there is little point in creating the agreement.