Altering Sales Price while importing Sales Line ..

Hi, I am in the process of importing open sales orders. Over all it works fine. However I am trying to manually set sales price against each sales line - i.e., override trade agreements and Item master Price setup. Unfortunately I am not able to achieve this [:(] Has anyone achieved this before? If so can you let me know how you managed to do this please. Thanks in advance, Harish Mohanbabu

Here is an update - I was informed that salesLine.CreateLine combined with ‘False’ as parameter to SearchPrice should work. Unfortunately that combination didn’t work for me. But after I called CreateLine, if I call doUpdate() method, it works fine. Here is a part of code - … SalesLine salesLine; salesLine _salesLine; SalesLine.createLine(true,true,true,true,true,false); select forupdate _salesLine index hint salesLineIdx where _salesLine.RecId == SalesLine.RecId; if (_salesLine) { _salesLine.SalesPrice = abs(conpeek(line,1)); _salesLine.lineAmount = _salesLine.calcLineAmountForced(); _salesLine.doUpdate(); } … Harish Mohanbabu