Copying Sales Orders/Updating Item Prices

Some of my item prices have changed and I want to update open sales orders with the new prices. What is the easiest way of doing this? I thought copying the document and putting a check mark in the “recalculate lines” would do this but it doesn’t seem to update the copied sales document with the new prices. Can anyone help?

It should do, any modifications in this area?

However there is no easy way to “update” sales prices, the standard methodology is to put the agreed line on at the time of entry and send them a confirmation of this price, the late delivery may not be down to the customer so they may not want to be “punished” for this. Of course prices can go down (rare) and they would then argue they want to take advantage of it.

As a test put a new line on your copied line order and see if the new price is called.

What other fields are you ticking on the copy functionality?

Hi Adam, Thanks a lot for your reply. I am rather embarrassed because It was updating. Stupidly I was just comparing the updated price to a currency price that the item is also sold in! Cheers.