Update/void price agreements in AX 2012

Is there a way to update price/discount journals that have already been posted?

For example, let’s say we have a posted journal with a sales price of $5 per item effective from Jan-01 through Dec-31. When we create sales orders for this item, the $5 defaults through as the sales price. However, in June, the sales price of the item needs to increase to $6 because of an unforeseen increase in prices of the product’s component parts.

We created a new price agreement journal with the updated price of $6, and set the time frame to be Jun-01-Dec-31. Going forward from June 1st, the defaulted price in sales orders should be $6, but when we create the sales order, AX is still grabbing the original $5 price agreement.

How can we effectively update the sales price to reflect the new price agreement journal? Is there away to void the original one so that it can no longer be used?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Adam,

Yes we can update the trade agreement by using Trade Agreement journal.

Following steps should be followed:

  1. Create a new trade agreement journal and click Lines to open the journal.

  2. Instead of creating a new line and posting it, click the Select button.

  3. Here, choose the options that apply to this trade agreement (Customer, Vendor, Item, etc.).

  4. Click the select button at the bottom of the form and the line should pull into the journal.

  5. Now, on this line you can edit the price and click Post to post the new price.

You cannot edit the trade agreement directly from vendor/item/customer as it was available in earlier versions.



Thanks for the quick response, Pranav! And more importantly, your solution works!

As an aside what you have done, presumably, is to edit the trade agreement for Jan-01 - Dec-31 to reflect the Jun-01 price of $6. I would consider this slightly misleading. Instead I would have brought onto the journal all lines for the year and updated the end date on them to May-30, in this way there would have been no conflicting agreements (the cause of your issue) and you would have a correct history of the pricing. Still if the suggestion works for you, it works for you [:D]

HI Adam,

In AX 2012 R2, now you can edit directly from the purchase price tab.

and even you can customize the trade agreement in way that to date should close automatically when you create the new agreement for the item.

if you want to achieve this then you can contact Mr Nagaraj, his Skype ID :- nagarajan-cem

and give him my reference he will help you for this.

thanks & Regards.

I have same issue where I have a large Trade Agreement Journal which I want to overwrite with new updated prices. I understand that you need to edit the original trade agreement and insert appropriate “end-dates” for each line. Then upload the new trade agreement with the updated prices.

But I cannot get it to work.

Can anyone advise?