New article/trade agreements

Hi all,

I have to create article/product for one service.

This service is very complex and I’m not sure if it is possible to use only one article for this case.

For example I have service. The prices for services depends on thickness of layer and kg.

I can create article and add there properties with different thickness of layer but I don’t know how to desaign trade agreements and pricing rules to be sure that everything will work correctly.

I mean that for A kg with A layer the customer has to pay X.

But for A kg with B layer the customer has to pay more - Y.

It is possible to apply some model which could contain all factors - kg and layer?

Ask me for more explanation.

Its is a sales trade agreement or Purchase trade agreement ?
And which version of AX you have.

It is sales trade agreement.
AX 2012.

You can achieve this by customization. As we are dong this in AX 2009.

You need to add Kg & Layer fields on PriceDiscTable(Check form name in AX 2012) form and make it mandatory for such services. Using combination of these customized and existing fields you can achieve.

Thanks but I can’t find it in AX.

[mention:9db9a6e2054e4548aaf613f10ea81610:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] I can add to priscdisctable new columns with range of layer and unit but by this way I have double columns with range ( for kg and for mm ) and when I’m going to change unit in first column, unit of measurement is changing in the second column as well :confused:

Pls explain with example.

So I have one line in trade agreements.
This line contains different columns.
For example columns name: from, to - which describe range of kg or other units.
There is also unit of measurement. So I add there to this table new columns with range: from, to and unit of measurement.
In the first group of columns ( from, to, unit of measurement ) I add values in kg and in the second group ( from, to, unit of measurement ) I add values in mm - layer range. Unfortunately when I’m changinng values in first group the values from second are changed as well.

If possible provide the screen shot of the form.


[mention:9db9a6e2054e4548aaf613f10ea81610:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] I have one more idea.
I can customized it by additional column - size but if I want to choose some values from column “size” in drop down list is nothing. How to add some values there.

What kind of values you to add to the filed Size? If it is fixed then go with base enum.