Price/Discount agreement Journal - more than 1 quantity based Price discount

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a price/discount agreement journal in AX for a particular part number with quantity price breaks.

For example, Part # XYZ:
QTY: 1-50 = $100
QTY: 51-100 = $85
QTY: 101+ = $75.

When I go to test this agreement out on a purchase order, it ignores the 51-100 ‘rule’.
So line 1 on the PO is for 25 pcs, price is correct @ $100 each.
Any line that has a quantity over 50, it automatically prices it at $75, even if the qty is between 51-100.

This works fine when I only have 2 quantity breaks, but any more than that, it ignores anything in between. Any ideas?


It would be easier if you posted an image of the posted trade agreement and the purchase line.

You will also have to tell us which version and CU you have.

After going in to take screen shots, I was able to get it working. Thanks anyway.

I’ll assume you spotted the data issue [:D]


Yes, I was able to get the multiple discount lines working - but now I’m trying to set up a trade agreement that lists prices in a foreign currency when creating a PO (so that it doesn’t use the default cost price in PIM). Here is the agreement -

as you can see, I listed ABC as 104 (GPB) and ZYX as 130 (GPB).
However, when I create the PO, it doesn’t change the cost to reflect the price agreement


Assuming your PO is in GBP, and the Item UOM on the PO is Each I would recommend putting your site and warehouse in the agreement, but it depends in part on the dimension group and whether the prices are activated (Assuming that is the same in AX2012 I have not looked), but your screen shot shows you a warning on the agreement that active price dimensions are site and warehouse, and therefore if they are not in your agreement but specified on the order the requirement is not as specified in the agreement and therefore the price is not valid.

The prices on the PO are in USD (taken from product information management). Our goal is to set up the price agreement to automatically change the price and currency to what’s specified in the trade agreement (GBP).

Is there a way to make this work without having to set a specific site or warehouse? or is that required?

So the Vendor and PO are in USD (currency on the record) but you want it to pick up an unrelated currency trade agreement? I don’t understand why.

The vendor is located in the UK but all prices in our system are in USD. We would like to start sending PO’s to this vendor in their local currency (GBP) to avoid price discrepancies caused by the daily currency exchange rates.

So you need to specify the currency of the PO as GBP - then the price will appear on the PO.