How can I isolate products


i’m a french new user of NAV 9 and I don’t know well how it works yet [:$]

I’m wondering how to easily “isolate” products : when some pieces should not be used because they are not in conformity, we don’t know how to do to make them not available.

We are using warehouse management, with lot of options and it’s quiet heavy to use. I was thinking about creating a new warehouse to put the bad products in , but it’s a lot of manipulations for the end-users to do that.

Can someone give me a better trick to do that?


Hi Poutz

so you don’t want to use such a items anywhere.means sales,purchase.etc am i correct ?

if i’m correct there is an option in Item Card called Blocked please reffer the attached picture

5706.Blocked.bmp (669 KB)



One approach used in MFG setups is introducing a intermediate Location, where all parts needing QA are recieved, and only those which pass quality tests are moved further to Location(s) of “raw materials”.

So you can control, how many “deffective” parts are left after QA testing, what to do with them further - return to Vendor, repair or write off as scrap, plus, no need to worry about parts in “raw materials” location - there appear only those that passed testing, and can be used in MFG, and you always know exact stock amounts of “raw materials” available.


Your suggestion will block the Item completely - Poutz IMHO is willing to block out some deffective / otherwise not suitable for MFG pieces of overall Qty of Item…

Exactly, I would like to block not all the pieces of an Item, but only the ones that are defective…

Bonjour Poutz,

Since you seems tp use advanced warehousing features, you may want to check the Bin Contents (Contenu Emplacement in the French version)

There’s a block movement field which enable you to move “Block Movement” (inboud, outbound or all)

So you could use a dedicated bin code (ie: control quality) where you would block the outbound movement (no picking possible)