Blocking bins from being picked from or used at all

Is there a method to block certain bins so Production Orders cannot pick from them, or better yet, even see the inventory in them? I know you can Block Movements on Bins but I think that only works if you are using Inbound and Outbound transactions through WMS. Is that correct? I have tried Blocking Movement on bins but it hasn’t done anything.

I also have bin locations that I do not want anyone to use anymore (they disappeared when we reorganized the warehouse). Is there a way to block all transactions against a bin, effectively make it unuseable?

Thank you!


You also have an option to block all transaction in the bin content (i.e Block Movement with options as (Inbound,Outbound,All)).

I tried that and it didn’t work. Part of my question is do you need to be using Inbound and Outbound transactions or have WMS enabled in order for Block Movement to work?

Yes you need inbound and outbound transaction as a part of bin functionality to work.

OK - that’s what I thought. What module or granule do you need in order to enable inbound and outbound transactions?