Components at location for Different rawmaterials


I am got some problems regarding the Planning .

I have 4 Locations . I created stcok Keeping units for RAW, Inter, FG.

4 Locations = Production Location, RM location, Inter Loc, FG Loc

I receive the Raw material to RM location , same as remaining .

I got a sales order for item FG001 against FG location .

Then I created Production order for that FG001 in Production Location.

To produce this FG 001 components are Inter mediate(from Intermediate location), Rawmateril (rawmaterial Location)

When I run the Planning worksheet system should tell me You have this stock in these locations.

How to solve this one.

1) After I convert the sales order to Production order Do I need to run that Planning or before production creation?

2) When irun the planning worksheet system should tell me u have Rm material In this loction, Inter mediate in this loction. Is it possible?

3) In SKU I have only One componenets at Location field ?

4) What I have to fill here ?

I will really appreciate your valuable suggestions.

There is no “dynamic” planning engine in NAV, just because you have stock in Intermediate NAV will not plan to use this UNLESS you tell it to do so, therefore you need to set your planning mechanisms and components at locations correctly.

The planning worksheet DOES NOT tell you you HAVE stock, it plans, based upon all of your rules, where you DO NOT have stock and need to buy it.

Essentially you need to understand what it does as stadnard, then you will know where the holes are and the possible modifications that are required.

Thanks steven,

But let me know what i have to fill in the Components at loction for FG items in SKU card to get the material INtermediate , Rawmaterial for production when i create the production order for FG item In production location.

Is it availble or not .

Please throw some light on this.

I would fill in the components at location with raw material and for the FG SKU, but also I would set that the raw material is replenished by the Intermediate, in this manner the system would look for the components in teh raw material location, if they did not exist suggest a transfer from intermediate, and after that it just depends how you want it to work.

Thanks Steven,

If I fill the components at Location as Raw Location for FG.

then what about the Intermediate material.

Please let me know that thing.

What about it? I have told you there is not a dynamic plan, it does not care about intermediate unless it is part of your rule set, so you either need to make it part of your rule set or not. You also would need to consider modification, but I would not recommend it. Basically imagine the sites are Bangalore, Brighton and Buffalo, it is irrelevant that you have stock in Bangalore when you are trying to ship goods from Buffalo, and that is how Navision thinks - you have decided to configure the system to handle localised physical/non-physical distinctions of stock and you therefore need to consider how Navision works with locations when you take this approach. If it is not going to work for you you need to sit down with the client, explain how it works, why they are doing what they are doing and plan the best move forward with them.

Thanks Stevn for your valuable suggestions.

If I use locations Except customization there is no chance to get what I need?

At least if u use bins under one location is there any chance to get what I need?

Let ‘s The Location is UNIT 1.

Under this location - RM Bin

Intermediate Bin

FG bin

Production Bin.

If I define like this is there any chance ?

Thanks .

Setting them all as Bins would work from a planning perspective, but obviosuly not from any others, you cannot setup different replenishment rules or settings by Bins, it is SKU based and therefore locations.

I do not know your site o the business reasons behind the split in warehouses, so essentially I cannot say what will work and what will not - this is the job of the consultant to site with the client and discuss the needs, taking into consideration all requirements - I am answering each question, but have a feeling each one I answer is causing more issues for the business as a whole.

I would therefore guess that you need separate warehouses and need to assess either how to set it up or what modifications are required.