Non Conforming Stock / Blocking inventory stock


I use NAV 2015 for now…

We use 3rd party warehouse.

What is the best practice to solve this.

When we get back products to the warehouse and the goods are damaged. We put them in stock but want to block them for sales.

For instance we have Item No. T123 and we have 100 in stock and 10 of them are damaged. I cant block the Item T123 cause then I block all 100.

I took a look at the location settings but for now haven’t been able to figure that part out yet.

Hope I am clear enough?

if you no’t use the inside warehouse functionality (e.g. Bin) what is the problem in the NAV to receive damaged goods to the separate warehouse? It is just a virtual location. If you use Bins, then just separate Bin :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

you should have configured a damaged location or write-off location where all damaged products are put on.

Technical solution:

  1. setup new location and mark it as claim location
  • perhaps you will need to add additional field with location status (claim location)

  • and marke the location is not selling location → location users cannot sell goods from.

Thank you

BR Damjan

Thank you for pointing me in a direction.
We haven’t used Bin before… only e-commerce website with locations to sell from.

Thanks for your input.