Hiding Report Fields

I am new to the Navision development environment, having coded in VB for 2 years. My first project is modifying a report. Is it possible to make a report field invisible dynamically. I found the Visible function, and it seems only to apply to Forms. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Devin McMahon, MCDBA Devin W. McMahon, MCDBA

Hello Devlin, I had the same query a few months ago & contacted Navision (UK) about it. I was advised by them that it was only possible to make fields dynamically visible/invisible on forms & not reports. If you do come accross someone who knows how to do this, I would be very interested! As I see it, there are two ways of getting round this, but both require C/AL code being added to the report: 1.) Create a new variable & assign the field to it - If certain conditions are met, the variable is cleared & the field is displayed as blank. 2.) It is possible to make report sections dynamically visible/invisible. The classic example is with the sales/purchase documents, such as the Sales Invoice which displays different sections (Containing different fields) depending on the line type, by putting code on the OnPreSection trigger of the section - For an item line this would be: CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(Type = Type::Item); Both methods may be used to “hide” fields. I hope this is of assistance! ------------------------ Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited www.cambridgeonline.net

Hello, the most flexible solution to have fields shown dynamically is the one proposed by Edward. Nevertheless, if you have certain decimal or integer values that you want to hide or show, you can simply use the properties BlankZero/BlankNumbers for these fields. Saludos Nils