Hide label in navision report

i want hide some column at run time in the navision reports.How to write c/side coding.


Use Current report.show output funtion to hide a particular column



CURRENTREPORT.SHOWOUTPUT will hide entire section not column.

It is not so simple to hide one or few columns. You can hide values - it is simple. If you want to hide column moving following columns to the left, you need to create different sections with different layouts and then use CURRENTREPORT.SHOWOUTPUT command to hide one section and shouw another.

To hide column value, you need to create variable with same type as column you want to hide. OnPreSection trigger you need to assign value to your variable from field if you want to show it, or assign blank value if you want to hide it. Using this way you can hide only value - layout of the report will be the same.



Thank you