Hello ,

I am coding in Report at the section level .

Is there any code in navision to tell that this capition.visible := true or false .

i need to display a textbox or to hide a textbox …

I know it can be solved by doing another section and use showoutput this section or hide this section.

so i need to know if there is any code to visible the textbox or to invisible the textbox.

Thank you a lot


The controls on a report do have the visible-property.
But it can not be changed run-time.

You must define a variable to show in the control, and leave it either blank, or assign a value to it, depending on whether or not You want the control displayed.

If it is a textbox and not the label: could you just clear the variable that is printed to print nothing? And if it is a decimal or integer you then could set the property BlankZero of the textbox to Yes to avoid printing zero.

e.g. The CopyText-variable on the sales invoice (report 206)

Hi all ,

Really thanks for you all …

YEs i ve tried it and it works very well … thanks again