Help with app testing and your feedback

Hello, I would like to see if anyone out there would be so kind as to test some software I designed and developed and provide some useful feedback. The product is called N-Fusion and uses Allaire ColdFusion to integrate Navision Financials 2.01B and above, C/SIDE or SQL, to the web. It is a real time system that attaches directly to any Navision Financials server. The first application I designed is a B2B customer self-service module and the site is located at: To login, use the following username and password: User: Pwd: GUEST (upper case) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Steve Oren.

That was a nice demo application. This app doesn’t COMPLETELY integrate NF with the web: just the Sales Order function. But that’s OK. It is a change from how things are traditionally done in Navision, since the customer actually places his or her own order. Traditionally, Navision’s sales ordering function is designed for situations where the customer talks to a salesperson, who actually places the order for the customer. One snag, though, is that the system slowed wayyyyy down when trying to upload the screen where you enter your credit card number. I guess you have a javascript thingie on that page which takes a long time to load in (kind of like the category chooser on eBay… but I digress…) You should speed this page’s loadin up— and you should also give the user something to look at while it’s loading. To go back to eBay as an example, their site displays the user name and THEN pauses to let the Java thingie load in. ------- Tim Horrigan

My dear friend, this side is absolutely beautiful, user-friendly, easy to work with, reliable and fast. There is absolutely nothing I could complain about. I only would wish that you state your name and address here so everybody who is interested in something similar could have the priviledge to buy your service. Concratulations, Steve, you really did a very good job!!! Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872