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I am a novice Nav consultant, still trying to find my way in this crazy ERP world. Part of my job description is to Demonstrate Nav’s out of the box functionalities to companies interested in implementing Nav. Sadly the videos and demos on the main website are of little help as marketing material, even the Nav Test Drive site was useless. I need a complete beginning to end, out of the box functional demonstratrion of Nav and all its modules, something that will dazzle the company decision makers and make them wonder how is it that they survived without using Nav all this time (ok fine a bit exaggerated but you get my point). Any help would be appreciated here. Even a gentle nudge to the right direction.

Navision isn’t a small piece of software so you can’t show all Navision features in a single demonstration. In partnersource you have NAV Demo Scripts. You should look at that.

Where has good old class room training gone? In my oppinion that’s one of the best ways to learn a product fast. Learn from those who can it already. If you’re demonstrating NAV to potential customers, then remember, that it’s not enough to know the product. You need to know accounting and whatever parts you’re showing to the customer. At least you need to know the basics. Otherwise what will you answer then the customer starts to ask questions.

So my suggestion to you is: Find someone who offers class room training. Take the clases. Go home. Play around with it. Have your co-workers show you what they know. Come here to the user group. Ask more questions. Take the certification tests. Go demonstrate…

Thanks to all for the replies. I am currently bugging my company (a Microsoft partner) for getting access to PartnerSource. Hopefully might find some better resources there. But I restate my original problem: I am a novice who is approximately 2 weeks into learning Nav. I AM taking classes and getting my hands dirty with the system as much as I can, and I am guessing I am some time away where I am proficient enough to give a run down of Nav to a non native, and yes I am brushing up on accounting practices. Due to some unfortunate circumstances my company had to put me in a do or die situation with some prospective clients. I wasn’t worried that much since I thought I could wing it by relying on Microsoft’s own marketing material for Nav. To my horror, I realized that the Nav white papers are nothing more than buzz words strung together with no concrete examples on how they are achieved. It’s one thing to tell a client that it improves accuracy, enhances customer service, saves time, yada yada and another thing entirely to convince decision makers how those are actually achieved. The few videos that are available show nothing more than how to send bulk mail to customers or to move some items from on wareshouse to another. Hardly the kind of stuff that would convince executives to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on. I KNOW FULL WELL that Navision is no small software and that to show its full functionality is an improbable task. But there should exist somewhere out there a demo set up lasting maybe an hour that shows hardcore Navision capabilities. Something Microsoft itself has given out to Partner firms for them to use on prospective clients. I stress upon this point, an ERP’s hardcore capabilities and not what is shown in the Dynamics website video demos. Being a developer I realize this is more of a marketing problem than it is a technical one. But we are I guess the first and last lines of defense going into battle (yes I know I am humble) so in a way it IS our problem.

You hit the nail on the head here, it is OUR problem, from a partner perspective, exactly the same as lead generation. Microsoft say you should not sit around and wait for them to give you stuff, you need to be active, dare I say dynamic. Therefore every partner and every salesperson will have a different approach to demo’s. There is the initial one, then as the customer gets further down the line there may be a customer specific demo where you show them the items, customers, suppliers they use to put it into context.

There is no whizzy demo out there from Microsoft, you have to build it yourself. The advantage of this is that every Navision reseller is not walking in giving identical yada yada, it comes down to your relationship with the prospect and your understanding of them, which going forward will be the most important thing the propspect is buying, not the software.

Ok ok FINE. No need to beat a dead horse. I get the hint. For my upcoming client meeting on Saturday, I will have to cram at least two months worth of preparations and know how into a week. Not going to get a free ride here… baaah. [:P]


It was my intention to save you time, you are searching for something that does not exist. There is little point in me sending you any demo databases I have, apart from Cronus they are created to fit the need of the client, whether they focus on the analysis elements, the distribution, web interface, design options or the manufacturing area each have different tilts depending upon the client. No intention to beat any dead horses [:D]

Two months [:'(]

I first went Freelancer with NAV since 1996. The majority of my work is fixing up NAV disasters, and when asked (as I often am) what is the single biggest cause of failure of a NAV implementation, then I say its is a bad contract derived from the customers missunderstanding of the product. Virtually all these misunderstandings come from bad Sales Demos. It may seem to you that you are just selling the product, but really what you are doing is setting the clients expectations.

Your company should be sending its MOST knowledgeable NAV people out to the Sales demos, not someone that has 2 weeks experience with the product.

Sorry to be tough like this, but I have seen so many of these cases, that I know where its going to go. You will probably in the end sign a fixed price contract, with very loosely defined deliverables, and it will all turn out horribly wrong in the end.

As to the Demo in two weeks time, get someone in to help you with it.


David simply reminded me of my most horrible implementations. And he is being tough for a reason. ( I intend to make our marketing guys read his reply in the topic !!!)

Still, I would suggest that to do proper justice to your job in such a short time,

  1. Take some client Data from his web site or officially ask for it. ( Client Inventory Item names, Locations etc.) and map transactions around it.

  2. Marketing materials are still of some use. List down ‘Oomph’ features. Try to analyse which could be usefull to your client and try to map such ones on the data prepared for the client.Prepare perfect examples of those features with numercial data.

  3. Take in house sessions with more knowledged collegues showing them the demo the way you would show to the clients. Ask them to be tough clients and grill you as they can.

  4. Do not try to finish off in once demo itself. You will still make the client ask for things which you could not include in the demo. This will give you an insite on your proposal and decide whether NAV is still the best for the client or not. From the client questions, You also will have enough food for thought whether your company and NAV qualify for the client or not.



I think that David here really hit the nail on to what this is about. The sales demo is the most important meeting with the customer. This should always be done by the best people in the company, if they really want a succesful project. Not just a super sales person or a novice consultant with two weeks (or even two months) of training.

I can tell you about many examples about lost sales projects, because a sales person said “this cannot be done in Dynamics”, but I have even more examples about a sales person saying the opposite: “yes this is standard in Dynamics” (and then when quoted it costs the customer many 100’s hours to program). The person doing the sales demo’s must not only know the system 100%, but also understand the business lingo used by the customers.

Thanks for all the replies. I benefitted from all of them greatly.

I did find finally exactly what I was looking for:

The person, Rick Baxter, responsible for the websites is doing a great job in providing resources for the rest of us novices. He also holds regularly free navision classes online in the form of webinars. I would highly recommend any new comer to check it out.