New integration product?

Hi all, We at Data Backbone Software A/S (Formerly Kloster Import A/S) are thinking of creating a new product to aid the speed and maintainance cost of creating integration to different databases, instead of programming data ports etc. It would be called: “Data Backbone Developer Edition” The specs of the product would be something like this: 1) An integrated setup application in Navision Financials. 2) Support for integration to amongst others (based on native interfaces): - Navision - Navision Financials / Attain - Sybase - Oracle - Lotus Notes - DB/2 - MS-SQL - Ascii Files 3) Feastures: - Field to field match. - Data Conversion and manipulation on field level. - Delimitation on data that should be transfered. - Automatic conversion of field data where logical - (e.g. Text to Integer and back if text was a number) - Transfer of master table with subtables - Get several record values into one field - (e.g. navision customer remarks put into one memo field or large - varchar field in an SQL database) - Get one field value spread into several records - (the opposite of the above) - Automatic detection of design changes in tables. - (if database allows it, e.g. if field size changes in Navision it would - be detected and automatic ajusted.) - Data can go both ways or only one way, or can be moved. The setup will be done in the Navision application and you will then be able to lock the configuration and apply it to the customer installation. How do you think this sounds? Kind Regards, Data Backbone Software A/S Finn Nielsen

Hi Alf, This sounds damn good! But the price has got be right, I am not saying that you should give it away all I am saying if it’s too expensive people won’t buy. Keep up the good & fine work from you guys! Best Regards, Tarek Demiati Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 Aug 24 12:54:58

Hi Finn, how are you doing? (internally:btw I am going over to Europe middle of next month. Hope we can speak again.) Your idea looks great. I would appreciate such a tool. I think I have a more of suggestions but I am not sure wether it is possible with Navision or not. How would that work? Online? By file transfer? With a small program/server like the replicator? Please let us know. Regards. Walter

What would be the differences to Data Backbone ?

I concur with others here that this is a VERY VERY good idea but also backup the statement that the price should be reasonable for this tool. I look forward to reading more about this tool as time goes by. _________________________ Wendy O’Connor - co moderator Attain/Financials - End User Questions NOLUG