Software Testing

Our company is about to start a navision Upgrade (3.60 to 2009). We have serveal enhancements to the system, and are confident that we can perform this upgrade.

One of the project deliverables is to provide and execute a comprehensive test plan. This will need to explore all areas of the new software. we currently use the General Ledger, Purchases and Payables, Sales and Receivables, Inventory, Manufacturing and Service areas of Navision.

In my many years of development with Navision/NAV, I have only written test plans for a micrcosm of the development that we worked on. I have never worked on a comprehensive test of the entire application.

Have you worked on any such documentation? Are you willing to share it?

If you haven’t, can you please provide me with any advice on how you and your company performs software testing. How can you be sure that everything works before letting users work with the software?

Hi Alan,

Yes I have worked with that many times. The last 6 years I’ve been in the same boat as you, working for two different end-users, being responsible for the quality of the application without being the one to write most of the code.

In fact I’ve developed my own methodology that I use to manage the whole process of requests → design → development → development test → standards and documentation tests → user acceptance tests → release tests → releases and that both individual “standard” releases as well as bigger updates.

But you’re welcome to contact me, if you like to hear more. It’s a lot more than I can post here.

Make sure you look at this thread for upgrade steps. It’ll save you on merging twice the objects.

Hi Eric,

I am also looking for same document. It would be great help if you can provide me the copy of that document.


Mohammed Majid Ahmed