I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a fairly new AX 2009 developer but have been modifying ERP’s for years. I work for a medium sized food manufacturer in the midwest.

Ever since i started working with AX, i have thoroughly enjoyed it and plan on sticking with AX long term.

So far my major “wins” have been rewriting how Pallet IDs are generated and rewriting the Batch ID system to be more in line with how a food manufacturer would expect it to work.

Welcome Pollux

Does your company run the Process Manufacturing add-on? The batch number is more in line with what a food manufacturer may expect [:D]

Yes, we do. and we rewrote it to…

1). avoid duplicates because we have a very high level of activity on this sequence (RFSmart was the primary cause but this corrected that by locking an intervening table so only one user could be generating numbers at a time )

2). embed additional info in the batch ID for our shop floor users. for batch ID 110422-50076, 110422 is the MFG date of the RM in YYMMDD, 50076 contains two things. 5 is the receiving location type ( ie; us, a 3pl, a partner, a coman, copack, and so on ) and the 0076 is the number of batches for that date already received.

3). on the standard auto batch ID, we fully consumed the sequence part of it in less than two months after go-live. resetting the sequence would mean we would lose traceability ( based on how we do tractability, not standard AX stuff )

not really all that exciting but it works for us and that’s fewer IT support calls.

Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here as well and hope to be a good participant and follower of this forum. A friend told me that it’s really interesting to be part of this site that’s why I signed up and I’m looking forward to be active in this forum particularly in some topics that interests me most. Thanks. Hope I’m welcome!

hi all
just found this site while trawling through the net for info. Just wanted to say hi before i start asking a hundred questions :slight_smile:
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Hi Leonard and Harry,

Welcome to Dynamics User Group.

I look forward for your active involvement on this website.