Purchase Order and Production Order Batch Numbers

Hello, I am having quite the dilemma with AX 2012.

For every purchase order receipt, using the arrival journal, I need a new batch ID for the item, but if I split the quantity of that item into multiple pallets or lines on the arrival journal, I want the batch ID to stay the same.

For every production order, I need a new batch ID for each report as finished, but if I report without ending the job, I need the batch ID for each pallet to be the same.

We are using Auto Batch Numbering, the Number group is configured with the “only for inventory transactions”, and “On Physical Update” check boxes selected

Is there configuration outside the number group that can help with our batch ID problem?

Thank you

No I do not believe so, pretty black and white that area, so if you need different functionality by source document you would need to customize the system.

That is unfortunate :confused: Would you consider that a lack of functionality in AX?

Maybe we can figure out how to work with the system, but a customization may be in order as well…

thank you

Or may be you should introduce the registration process in place and auto-create the batch on each physical update based on requirement.