Process Manufacturing Lot Numbers

We are a process manufacturer making cheese from milk. We are currently having discussions surrounding the use of “lots” when dealing with consumption and outputs. Currently, we create approximate 28-30 vats of cheesemilk per day and create a lot for each one. The output is blocks of cheese. In the past, we have attempted to create a corresponding output lot of cheese for each input milk lot. But since we are a process manufacturer, the break between lots is difficult, if not impossible, to ascertain. We have discussed moving to a day lot for the whole day and are working through issues associated with that.

Before we finalize those decisions, we wanted to know of there are any other process manuafcturers out there working with Nav and how they are dealing with lots. We are currently running Nav 2009 classic client (not SP1 nor R2).

I know that this isn’t necessarily a Nav issue, but just curious if anyone else is dealing with the issue.

Thanks for help.


I had a similar requirement in AX where the consituent batch went into multiple process driven finished products of unique items. The mix process meant the base batch even if lot controlled could not be identified 100% into the end product due to the process. From a quality perspective they had had one recall in 10 years, and when they did this they actually recalled the full days production to be 100% certain as the end product is in the human food chain.

We got the go ahead from audit and quality to enable the base batch - essentially your VATs to not be batch controlled, and if they had an issue they would recall all associated product, because they would anyway!

So it is similar - ask yourself if there is any value of batch controlling the VATs of cheesemilk when it is impossible to track the output of cheese and milk to the end product. If it is in the human food chain and you need to be 100% recall what would you recall - if the decision is the whole days production then the end product batch would give you this and the traceability not as critical.