General Journal Default Value Fixed Assets Tab


When opening the lines of a general journal in the General Ledger module, I can identify that AX always sets the default transaction type in the fixed asset tab to “acquisition”.

I would like to know how this value could be set to “depreciation”.

Hope somebody can help.



The default type is always ‘Acquisition’ and there’s no setup to change it as far as I know. Could you let me know if there is any valid business justification for this requirement. Also lets see for other responses.

Hi Kiran,

I would like to upload fixed asset depreciation postings into the GL Journal because some Special depreciation postings were made that Need Special Treatment.

My issue is that the upload from Excel works but that the posting type is always wrong (“aquisition”) and I would like to know and see if changing the Default will solve our issue.

Hope you can help.



the default type is acquisition, i can see through code that no setup can alter it.

Why cannot you use a fixed asset journal for it?