Please how can I address the respond, THE FIRST ENTRY MUST BE AN ACQUISITION COST FOR FIXED ASSET NUMBER = 1011FA2746 IN DEPRECIATION BOOK CODE = INTEGRATED. I have been trying to correct a post done on one of our fixed asset bought. Please can someone help me out? NAV 2013


Welcome to DUG [:)]

Did you set FA Posting Type to Acquisition Cost?

Thanks for your reply. Yes I did!

Firstly, cancel the wrong depreciation entries (Actions / Cancel Depr Book Entries) and POST the journal generated. After that:

How did you get the wrong Acq.cost - is the PO incorrect, too?


  1. Reverse the wrong PO with Credit Memo
  2. Enter correct PO

If NO:

Post correct Acq.cost and credit out the wrong one (or only difference in one line) thru FA GL Journal.

When the Acq.cost is corrected, rerun the depreciation for that FA.

Hi Guys,

Please I can’t find my bank on when posting on the general journal. Initially it was appearing but later when I try to choose it its says 'THE FIELD BAL. ACCOUNT NO. OF TABLE GEN. JOURNAL LINE CONTAINS A VALUE (1011BK1036) THAT CANNOT BE FOUND IN THE RELATED TABLE (BANK ACCOUNT).

Please help me.


guys I have got the answer to the question above. The issue was I mistakenly click on the block option on the bank card which causes it to disappear.