Error in posting the Fixed Assets Journal

Hi All

When i am posting the FA Journal Showing the following error:

"Fixed asset transaction type has not been specified.

Account for transaction type , value model , does not exist for fixed asset OFA-0001."

In this journal my offset account is vendor account. Also i have checked the Posting Profile for all value model. I am not getting where it got wrong.

Please advise


Any Suggestions experts.

Please guide me as i am facing big problem due to this, i done all the r&d on internet, please advise thanks

Hi Imran,

What type of asset transactions (Acquisitions, Depreciations) you are making and from which journal you are doing (General Journal or Fixed Asset ). Generally if you don’t select the transaction type for a asset in the journal line this type of error pops up



Hi Anand,

Me also receive same error when want to post FA Acquisition using x++

please refer below my code…need someone help



//To get Asset id.

strFACode = conPeek(ConFACode,ConCntFA);

tblJournalTrans.Voucher = NumberSeq::newGetNumFromCode(NumberSequenceTable::find(AssetGroup::find(AssetTable::find(strFACode).AssetGroup).AutoNumberSequenceTable).NumberSequence).num();

tblJournalTrans.JournalNum = strJournalID;

tblJournalTrans.CurrencyCode = Ledger::accountingCurrency(CompanyInfo::current());

tblJournalTrans.ExchRate = Currency::exchRate(tblJournalTrans.CurrencyCode);

tblJournalTrans.AccountType = LedgerJournalACType::FixedAssets;

tblJournalTrans.PostingProfile = LedgerJournalName::find(strJournalID).JournalName;

tblJournalTrans.AccountType = LedgerJournalACType::FixedAssets;

tblJournalTrans.OffsetAccountType = enuOffsetAccType;

tblJournalTrans.LineNum = ConCntFA;

tblJournalTrans.TransDate = systemDateGet();

tblJournalTrans.TransactionType = LedgerTransType::FixedAssets;

tblJournalTrans.CurrencyCode = Ledger::accountingCurrency(CompanyInfo::current());

tblJournalTrans.ExchRate = 100;

tblJournalTrans.AmountCurCredit = (AssetTable::find(strFACode).Quantity);

tblJournalTrans.AcknowledgementDate = systemDateGet();

tblJournalTrans.Txt = LedgerJournalName::find(strJournalID).JournalName;

tblJournalTrans.Approved = NoYes::Yes;

tblJournalTrans.Approver = 22565423234; //krishna

intRecId = AssetLedgerAccounts::findAssetLedgerDimension(strFACode,




tblJournalTrans.OffsetLedgerDimension = intRecId;

clsledgerJournalPostCheckPost = LedgerJournalCheckPost::newLedgerJournalTable(LedgerJournalTable::find(strJournalID),NoYes::Yes);;