Fixed Assets Question


I am trying to learn the ax40 fixed assets module by reading the Microsoft official training material

However I have some questions:

  1. After you correclty setup a value model with a depreciation method (e.g. straight line), is the posting of the depreciation (i.e. reduction of the book value of the asset) reduced and transfer to ledger accounts done automatically on the specified date (e.g. 1st January of the year) or one still has to manually do a depreciation proposal journal to do this.

  2. If the company who will use this functionality already has fixed assets and depreciations, how can one import these into the system? Can this be done? Because, as I understand from the trainign materials, first you have to enter an asset as ‘noy yet acqured’ then post a journal to change its status to open on the value model. Can this step be skipped if the company already owns and depreciated its assets and how can data be imported?