FONTS And Matriciel printer EPSON

I use a EPSON Printer FX 1180 To report the navision Documents :Bill,Order, Invoices. But i big problem, my fonts are very good with a laser printer but when i use this epson the fonts are very bad. Has anyone have a problem with fonts? What for font has you used. Thank you for your help and sorry for my eenglish Didier

As matrix printers have a much lower resolution than laser- or inkjet printers, trying to print the “normal” graphic fonts Windows is using, will lead to disappointment. First, see if there’s a specific driver for your printer available from Epson. That driver will be able to translate the commonly used fonts into the equivalents the printer can handle. If not, go to Add Printer and set up a plain textprinter. Then printing will be done with the build-in font of the printer, which are as good as the printer can give. John

At the risk of crying “wolf”, I must caution anyone to avoid, if possible, use of a character based printer with Navision. After several very ugly experiences, we now estimate a minimum of two days work to put an already debugged report onto any kind of forms using a character or dot-matrix printer. The problem is significantly less if the report uses blank paper stock, but is still a pain. If you run the printer in a graphics mode (which is what is required to print any font other than the built-in fonts), the printer will run slow and may use several passes per line, thus actually causing five or ten times the wear and tear of normal, including ribbon use and printhead use. In addition, many character printers will only move in limited paper advance increments (i.e. representing 6 lines per inch, 8 lines per inch, 10 lines per inch, etc.). This makes it very hard to get the Navision report layout and the printer constraints synchronized. And, if the printer is an older model, there may not be a good interface between the printer and Windows print management software. This can result in a variety of “mystery” behavior, where moving a line 1 millimeter in a report layout results in it moving several inches on the hardcopy report (based on painful experience with an A/P check where the client didn’t want to “waste” the several boxes of continuous form checks already in the storeroom). If you must use a character printer, the advice given to use the generic text driver is VERY GOOD advice. Beyond that, if this report uses any type of preprinted forms, it will generally be cheaper and more satisfactory to all concerned to find a way to print the report on a laser or inkjet technology printer. At the risk of undermining my own advice, I have seen one or two instances of dot-matrix printers which were specifically designed to compete in a laser printer world, which actually worked well. I don’t remember the brand and suspect they would cost more than a normal laser printer, so would only be appropriate for special instances. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner