Report Font Issue on Windows 8


We are facing in Navision report for fonts

When we print report on Windows 7 it shows correct size of font but on windows 8 it shows very small font.

I update printer driver but no luck

Navision version :- 2009 R2

OS :- Windows 8

System Locale :- Thailand

How does the same font view when you print it using other Windows applications? E.g. Words?

I assume that you are running it “locally” on both Win 7 and 8? Not using terminal services/Citrix or similar.

When Preview report, on top the menu within have something named “Print Layout”, can you try to click that to see the effect?

Hi Erik,

I am using it locally and not using and terminal service. Still I am surprise that report is showing correct font size when run on windows 7 but it shows tiny size when run from windows 8

If I change the locale of Windows 8 OS then it shows correctly currently I am using Thai locale

Any idea ?


Hi Adrian,

I am not using RTC client i am using classic client.

Is it windows 8 or 8.1. Cause i did have similar problem in Win 8.1, when printing a customised report in a dot matric printer.

Same issue happened on another PC where we use tally.erp9 with win 8.1.

When contacted printer vendor they told that issue is in win 8.1.

Don’t know if its the same you can check the above link.

Hi Manish,

I am using WIndows 8 and printer vendor is lexmark.

Maybe that report is using Windows default font, when it is other language than English, the Windows font size will change.

Maybe can go to report design and change font to static font, just guessing.

Any solution besides change report font one by one? it’s huge customization if the company has a lot of reports.

I encounter the same issue with switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 with Chinese Locale…