printer troubles

Hello, We came across a difficult problem we do not get an answer for : if we print a report to a screen, then I looks good on the screen. However if we print that very same report to a printer, then depending on the printer and the operating system of the printing pc, we get different results varying from text on the right side not being printed, to adding an extra white page in between two pages. Are there any people out there you suffered the same troubles? And/or fixed them? thx in advance, Kathleen Alliët

Hi Kathleen, do you use Axapta 2.5 SP4 with Market Pack? l8er Arne

No, we use Navision Axapta 3.0 Build SP1

Hi, It is not a problem with Axapta. It is more a problem with printers. As you may be aware, printer drivers are customised for each OS. So one solution could be to install those drivers that work well on other operating systems as well. For ex., if a printer sitting on NT4 worked well, but the same printer sitting on W2K was not, then try to install NT4 driver onto the W2K box as well. Good luck, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi I think this question exists in 2 different threads?

that’s right, I’m sorry, but it is an urgent problem for me and I did not know who to address. Bye the way, it appears that the letters are smaller printing from one pc than from another one. Since each report uses chars for the width, it would be the gigantic work to change all field width to mm. Kathleen

G’day, If re-installing the correct printer drivers does not resolve the issue try the following and see if any of these suggestions help. 1. Copy the ‘Fonts’ folder from a PC where the report print correctly to a PC where the report prints incorrectly. 2. Check the Fonts the user is using in Tools > Options > Fonts. 3. Delete the Usage data for the users experiencing this issue Tools > Usage data > Reset.