Any Good Line Printer to recommend?

Hi all Navision User, My client is looking for a good and fast Line Printer that used by Navision User. Any one out there has any experienced on good Line Printer that can recommend us? [8)]Singapore NSC

Hi, i think you will use the line printer to print only ASCII-Characters. But it is a poor thing. Navision always print in grafic-mode and in this mode all line printers are very slow.


Navision always print in grafic-mode and in this mode all line printers are very slow.

That’s not correct. Use a font that the printer can take care of and it all works fine. But anyway it’s often a nightmare to get line printers to work properly. They are not so common nowadays, but You can read a lot of postings from some years ago on this forum about line printers and how to build reports that work with them.

Go for one of the bulkier OKI printer models!

We also tried to use our line printers when we first started with navision. It became too much trouble to configure & it was never quite right. Now we have a few Epson DFX5000+'s that make great paper weights and/or anchors.

I once actually had an IBM system 6 at home. Unfortunately I could not boot it, since we just did not have sufficient power on the home mains supply. But it did have a great line printer, and by shutting down everything in the house, we had enough current to run the self test. What a printer it was! Still it had its problems, it used more oil than a '65 Chevy for a start. The manuals warned that the operator must wear suitable ear protect when the device is operating. Now it serves life as a barbeque/grill. now where were we ? … oh yeah … tell the customer to buy laser printers, and save lots of money.

OKI is OKAY. I have one for sale, but Singapore might just be tooo far to send it :slight_smile:

Our company used to be part of a bigger company that had a mainframe, and we use a HP line printer. We use it only for our multipart NCR forms that we do not print very often. It is a pain to set up, but it can be done, and can run pretty good. If you have experience with setting up these types of reports, it really shouldn’t be too difficult. On the properties for the report, there are options called PaperSourceFirstPage and PaperSourceOtherPages. You can set these to Tractor Feed. In 2.6 at least.