flow field in SSRS reports..

Dear Experts,

I have a report in navision. In that report i have updated flow fields in nav. Now the same report i need to create a ssrs report & deploy to users.

Here the problem is with flow fields. Those fields will flow from “Item ledger entry” to “Item variant” table based on item no & Variant code.

Calc Formula:

Sum(“Item Ledger Entry”.Quantity WHERE (Item No.=FIELD(Item No.),Variant Code=FIELD(Code),Location Code=CONST(WH_HYD_01),Posting Date=FIELD(Date Filter)))

Can anyone please suggest me how can i update the above filters in ssrs report.

Thanks & Regards,


please describe more details. what do you need? where do you want to change/update the date filter? within the ssrs report?