Hi all

Could you tell me how to filter flowfield in situation. I have one Field, that is flowfield from field b of table B but I want to calcfield with filter some record of B. Anyone show me solve it


Please rephrase your question and try to use examples of standard Navision tables or at least with some imaginery records like:

table B:

1, Test
2, Test2
3, Test3

and explain which records you want to filter how and what result you want to achieve.

You filter flowfield by using a flowfilter, and including that flowfilter into the calcformula of the flowfield. So if you have a flowfield in table A that shows a total in table B, and you want to be able to filter on a certain date, then you need to add a field of type flowfilter to table A. Then in the calcformula of the flowfield, you add a reference to the date filter field.

As an example, take a look at the Item table, and the “Sales (Qty.)” field, which is a flowfield into the Value Entry table, and the “Date Filter” field, which is a flowfilter field. Take a look at the calcformula of the “Sales (Qty.)” field, it uses the “Date Filter” field to manipulate the value in the flowfield.

Please clarify your question.

Do you want to allow the user to set or control the FlowFilter for a FlowFields on a Form or a Report ?

Do you want to know how to use the CALCFIELDS function in C/AL code?


Thanks for all reply. I have take a look at Item table and I have found answer

You’re welcome Tran, glad you were able to figure it out [Y]