Calculating Flowfields in reports

Hi, How do you calculate flowfields in reports? or simple put it in example… i would like to write a report that shows the inventory level by locations. the data item for the report would be like: ->Location -->Item How do i set the Flow filter to Item to show the inventory level for the corresponding location. But of course, i can run the report using item ledger entry instead of item, right… but i have been trying to figure out is that possible in navision’s report write? jordan

in the dataitem Item, put codes as: OnPreDataitem SETRANGE(“Location Filter”,Location.Code); OnAfterGetRecord CALCFIELDS(Inventory);

Hi you can set the filters on location using the setfilter function. if you have a report on dataitem as Item (Table) then define Location as a record Variable and in the OnAftergetRecord section use Item.Setfilter(“SomeLocation1”) calcfields(Inventory); it should work just fine. lemme know Vishal NCSD Edited by - vshal on 2001 Nov 30 07:28:13

Thanks people, CALCFIELDS! thats the function i was looking for…

If you have a report with 2 dataitems like this: ->Location -->Item you can use the property DataItemLink on dataitem ‘Item’ (Location Filter=FIELD(Code)) BTW which version do you use. I don’t have to use CALCFIELDS. Just put the field from the fieldmenu in the section will do the job (like it does on forms) (W1 3.01B). Willy

i am using attain 3.01 and yes, i have tries it and it works thank…