NAV Flow Fields in Report Services

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I am trying to replicate a NAV report in reporting services however Flow FIelds dont seem to appear is it possible to show these fields in reporting services?

FlowFields are not actual fields, so no. They are not stored in the database, but calculated on the fly when they are needed. You’ll need to look at the CalcFormula for the flow fields you need and replicate them in SQL.

thats correct, depending on your version you have to use views or functions to get access to it.

if you also want a detail how to see here:

but if you have any detail question how to:

  • which field do you want to use?

  • which version are you running ?



Thank you both for your reply.

Currently running NAV5.0 and using SQL Report Services 2005 and wanted to use ‘Cost Amount (Actual)’ and ‘Location Code’ fields from the Item Ledger Entry table. Would I need to replicate this in the dataset?

Location Code in Item Ledger Entry is not a flow field.

Cost Amount (Actual) is the sum of the Cost Amount (Actual) field from the Value Entry table with matching Item Ledger Entry No.

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check out this one (and the releated forum discussion):

This may help you to generate the required sub-queries for NAV FlowFields!

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Thank you for your reply and thank you Jorg for the link that was very helpful!

You are welcome [:)]