Fixed Assets

I am currently using Dynamic NAV 2009 for about 7 months now.

My auditor gave me the fixed assets adjusting journal entries for 2010. I did not have a training on fixed assets.

Can you please guide me how to do adjusting journal entries for Fixed Assets?

Thanks you for your help!

That for exist FA G/L Journal and FA Journal.

The FA G/L affects both FA Ledger and General Ledger, the other - only FA Ledger with no trace in GL Ledger.

There is a FA Posting Type field - select what you need there, I suppose your choice might be either Write-Down or Appreciation -these are used to adjust Book Value.
Maybe even Dispose, but that depends on what you have in your auditor’s list and therefore what your goal is.

Thank you for your quick respond. I will try and let you know.

Have a great day!

I did not adjust the fixed assets at the year end. My auditor just gave to me in May, and I have calculated my depreciation all along for 2011 and some of the assets took off from the book. What do I need to do in this case?

This is the information that I have to complete in FA G/LJournal table.

  1. Posting Date - 12/31/2010

  2. Document Type -

  3. Document No. - GL No automatic generate from the system.

  4. Account Type - Fixed Asset No

  5. Depreciaton Book Code - Company

  6. FA Posting Type - Appreciation

  7. Description - Fixed Asset name

  8. Gen. Posting Type -

  9. Gen. Bus. Posting Group -

  10. Gen. Prod. Posting Group - Product

  11. Amount - $412.96

  12. Bal. Account Type

  13. Bal. Account No.

  14. Depr. until FA Posting Date


You need to cancel all depreciation entries for the FAs in question created in 2011 first - Navision will not allow you to post anything before the date of last existing entry (and they are incorect, as BV actually must be different from Dec-31-2011)

How to do this - it’s a lengthy process, as you must do it for every FA one by one. (in fact, it can be done in bulk - but if you are a beginner in FA, I simply would not be able to describe the workaround method to you, sorry )

I have posted here earlier several times how to cancel FA Ledger entries, on the spot I found this one: but there must bo other threads, too.

Please use Search, you will obviously find more posts…