Fixed Assets: Inserting a memo to correctly state Book Value

Does anyone know how to instert a memo into the fixed asset card to change the book value of an asset?

We imported assets from Peachtree into NAV. The assets were fully depreciated at the time however some of the assets show a book value. The book value is constant since no depreciation has been taken since the assets were imported in 2009. To fairly state our financial statements we would want to get rid of the book value without hitting any expenses.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Seemingly you have left out some accumulated depreciation entries while importing the startup data.

You can use FA Journal --NOT FA G/L Journal-- to enter the missing accumulated depreciation. Be careful with the Posting dates, don’t use current date. Or, uncheck GL integration in setup temporarily, then you can use FA G/L Journals. In both cases only FA ledgers will be hit, no postings in GL will occur.