Financial Dimensions in Project Accounting

Hi Guys,

Can we use financial dimensions in Project Accounting. Like whenever i am posting any transaction, dimension should be tagged.

I am using AX 2012.

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Yes of course, you can do so and one more thing, you may assign default dimensions to a Project and it flows to transaction lines.


Thanks Patrik and Thomphl.

Actually i configured the dimenions by configuring the chart of accounts which was active.

Dimensions logic has completely changed in 2012.



Good ideal, pls try to keep posting. I like this topic very much and I will digged this one. Tks again.


This topic help me a lot in developing my project. I will contribute more when I finished it.

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Hi Pranav,

Any good new on this topic?

I’m trying to use financial dimension for an on-account invoice in AX2012 with following information:

  • The configure account structure includes customer balance account with 2 mandatory dimensions of business unit and customer group, revenue account with 2 mandatory dimensions of business unit and project code.

  • Customer group dimension is defined on Customer account

  • The dimensions are assigned on project are project code, customer group and business unit.

I can see all 3 dimensions in On-account transaction form before propose invoice, but when posting that invoice an error message shows customer balance account can not get business unit dimension to complete for posting.

Please help. Thanks.

Hi Vu,

The default dimension will automatically flow to the on account invoice which is editable. But that dimension doesn’t get update on the customer balance account.

From the error message, it seems that you have put some dimension restriction on the customer balance account and when posting the on account, the error is coming as it is not getting dimension.