employees and dimension in project accounting


I would like to set up dimensions for emplyees and use those dimensions when posting a journal in AX2009.

For example, I selected the dimension Departement: “Accounting” for employee “Smith” (in: Human Ressources-> Common Forms → Emplyee Details → Dimensions). Then I create a hour journal (in: Project-> Journals->Hour). I expect that when I select the emplyee “Smith”, then in Dimension I would find “Accouting”, but it stays empty. Same goes for other journal types, like fees or General ledger journals, when i use procet accoutns and choose an employee.

Did I forget to set something up? Dimensions haven’t been used in the system so far.

Thanks in advance


Hi Lob,

Financial dimensions are not available on employee master and hence i think that in standard system you won’t be able to achieve this.

You can customize this. We had a similar requirement and achieved it through customization.


Hi Pranav,

thanks for your fast answer!

is this some bug in AX, or just a inconvinience? It seems sensible to choose a dimension like Departement from employee. And the financial demsions can already be applied to an employee. So everything is there already.



Hi Lob,

I will not say this as bug but a gap because in many cases employees itself is treated as dimensions.

Dimensions has no limitation and we can create dimension for any financial object.

This is the design of system. On the another hand, no ERP’s are complete product, we need to do some developments to fit the gap.


Hi Pranav,

In my opinion it’s a feature that should be included. The employee iss an important data set on it’s own, associated with quite a few other features. From the AX user to ressoucres to project accounting. When I make a decision whoch employee I select, I usually also make a decision which departement or cost center I want. But since it’s a rather small customization, I see why this might be left to the partner.

Thanks for you help!


Hi LobMob,

AX indeed has the feature of capturing the Employee dimensions onto the Hour Journal when you use the Time and Attendenace (SFC) module to book the times of the employees working on the Project.

There is a parameter in Time and Attendenace to take the finance dimension either from Employee or Project when the times are transfered from the Time and Attendenace(SFC )module to project Module.



Employee - Employment - Financial Dimensions Fast Tab. As standard you can assign financial dimensions to an employee record.

In the version I worked with we modified it to bring in set dimensions not from the project, but my memory says the employee overrode it, in AX2012 this comes from the project it seems and there seems to be no setting to trigger the employee dimensions to override - but you might want to look for one.