fin hmt already exists

I posted this to beginningers forum; sorry to post again ; but am becoming desperate:

Every daylight saving time change we suffer with no access to Navision with this message : fin.hmt already esists. It’s takes a day for the time change to synche.

We are four days since the recent time change and our workers are still unable to access Navision.

I don’t know what to do. How can I get the company working with a Navision session without this ‘fin.hmt already exists’ message. How is this corrected. We are unable to process orders and ship. I am almost thinking I should delete fin.hmt at the server thinking it would rebuild. But I don’t know. Can anyone please advise. Thanks.

Ok. SNAFU under control. It took three days for the time synche. That’s what the Navision message suggests ‘fin.hmt already exisits’ -that until there is a synching of time users will be unable to login. Later in the day in France (Server is in California USA) the workers were able to log into Navision. What I learned from the French office is that the computers have different time stamps. One machine may be 3:15 and another machine 15:15. John M