hmt file

Does anyone know what the fin.hmt file is? I am getting an error message when accessing Navision via Citrix. The drive containing the Navision exectuables is a read-only drive and the client seems to be trying to write to the hmt file.

The message you are referring to is a result of the Daylight Savings time change. You probably got the message before everyone’s computer had a chance to reset itself to the new time. The file being referred to is used as a timestamp for the help files. So there is no problem with deleting it. It will be recreated and then the time stamps will match. Now that the computers and the server are in synch, you should not have any more problems. Below is Navision’s definition of the error. NF uses the file fin.hmt as an index to keep track of changes in the help files, by placing timestamps in the hmt . To be sure to avoid the error, the computers should have the same setting of the time zone and the same adjustment for daylight saving time. This error is probably being caused by the server and the client having two different time zone or daylight saving time settings FIN.hmt Hope this helps David