filtering By Short cut dimension

'm trying to generate Ledger reports filtered by Short cut dimensions. Currently, NAV allows to filter the report based on the Global dimension only.

Also, i would like to generate an abstract report of G/L in the following format for any selected period

G/L Name Opening Balance Transactions (during the given Period) Closing Balance

Dr. Cr Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr.

these r ma 2 requirements plz can any1 help me out here?

It is not possible to Filter automatically by Shorcut Dimension on the GL.

You can hire a developer to make the appropriate changes or you can use Analysis Views and Account Schedules to “shape” the data that you want.
The Analysis Views allow you to sort and filter the GL by GL Account, Posting Date and upto Four Dimensions.
The Account Schedules allow you to prepare simple reports based on the GL or an Analysis View.
It is possible to print the Schedule or export it into an Excel workbook.

tanks jsrark!..“The Analysis Views allow you to sort and filter the GL by GL Account, Posting Date and upto Four Dimensions” how do i do this? 'm being train’d for a developer actuall! so can yo tel me in detail how we can do this? i want to filter the G/L accnt bt dimension ‘Employee’ for a given period of time!..

1 Look at Financial Management, Setup, Dimension, Analysis Views and read the Help files.
The analysis views are additional tables that can be created from the GL Entry table but include the Shortcut Dimensions.

2 A Developer is someone who provide solutions to problems. Using the standard system to do that is more effective than re-inventing the wheel.

3 Have you attended any trainig courses or read the application designer guide?

yea! i hav attended a lot! there r 2 technical ppl who train me! bt both r onsite nw tats y cant hav their help!.. i pretty muc no abt NAV except pages wic tey havn thought me yet! tanks ll try wat yo said!

i saw wat yo said me to do! tat doesn help much! wat ma specification s tat i hav to able see the record wid the openi bal credit n debit in the specified period f time…i.e for yesterday alone!..r yo gettin wat 'm tryin to say here?

To be honest I’m really struggling to understand you.

Yeah, I understand you’re from a country where English is not the primary language, but everything you say looks like someone typing a text message. It’s ok if your English isn’t great, but at least try to spell out some words.

Indeed. I would hate to sound rude, but I think that sms-style of writing is bad enough in smss. [:@]

That’s even worse if you think that many of the people attending the forum are not naturally English speaking and to try to follow an other person’s line of thought in a foreign language is hard enough without having to struggle with a deliberately incorrect way of speech. [:(]

Hi Shona,

95 people have read this thread and only one has offered help. Not because its a hard question, but because you are doing a good job of DELIBERATELY pissing people off.

This comment

Makes it clear that you are doing this deliberately. I seriously doubt you are going to get any help on this forum until you get your self an attitude fix.

sorry people! its not that i dont know english r anything! i do know it preety well! i ll really try typing in full forms! but please help me out here!.

My requirement is that 1) i need to create an G/L account using shortcut dimensions.

  1. i need to show the opening balance of credit and debit in the report for a given period of time( the time period can be anything! either for today alone or the whole month or for the whole year) .

i have used FLOWFIELD to calculate the sum! but dont know how to use the DATEFILTER in that so that it could be filtered accordingly.

Are you all getting me now?


its pretty nt preety! typed it wrongly the first time!

So, so…

You say you want to create a G/L account - I’m not sure you mean with this what I would mean. I think you know how to create a new G/L account in Account Schedule. So I’m afraid I’m still not understanding you well. [^o)]

To use a Flowfilter you just set a filter on it. I. e. SETFILTER(DateFilter, ‘%1…%2’, Date1, Date2);

I hope this helps.