Analysis Reports by Dimension Tabular form???


Is there a way in NAV to create a Analysis Reports(ex.Accounts Schedule) that looks like ,a matrix of Account(as row) and Dimension as Column?

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reports look like this:



1000 (1000,00.)

2000 100.00

3000 500.00


No, not as standard. That is why I tend to push a product like Jet Reports because it does this kind of report easily, and looks far better than anything from Nav aswell


Sorry for the obvious question, but why not use the account schedules when it will give you exactly what you want?


yup, your right but one of my client want is to Make the Dimension as header, Althoug the Row is fine, but How to make the Dimension as a header. Is there a way to do that in NAV…Hoping for your reply.[:)]

1st solution

did you try analysis by dimension… show account as line and show dimensions as column … if all the dimension you want to see in Global dimension1 or globaldimension 2 .

2nd solution

Also you have something in Account schedule called dimension1 totaling … dinesion2 totaling … dimension 3 totaliing …you have to show columns to display those fields

hoping i could help

It is basically what Jouhayna says.

On the column setup you can align it to an analysis report, the dimensions then defined in the analysis report are available in the column setup. You define the dimension here as a filter and then only the transactions in this set dimension appear.


Thanks for your support…[:)] I will try all your suggestion…I really appreciate it…but It thinks the last one…is the answer to my problem…[Y]