To show and filter GL transactions

Hi, we are using NAV 2005 (Classic) SQL. I need to decide whether to create a report to show to a user GL. transactions filtered by period and dimensions or find a convenient way to demonstrate how it could be got directly from a system. I know I could show how to go to the Chart of Accounts then click on the account to see the transactions for the particular account then to unfilter all to see all transactions then to apply a filter on posting dates then on global dimensions. The same approximately could be done from the account card or from History/Register, etc. But, it’s all requires many clicks and additional navigations.

Please, advise if there could be a way to see all GL transactions without so much navigation and clicking and then apply filtering or even possibly to save it as a view to reuse.


One way to accomplish this would be to create a new form based on form 20 and create a new main menu to open this form. On the new form you could add a textbox for a date filter and one for each global dimension and apply the filters based on what the user selects. Creating this new form will reduce the number of clicks and give the user easy access to the information.

Thank you very much for your response. Yes, from the object designer that Form 20 are not filtered so I could even bring it to the menu and the user could filter it by Posting dates and those two Global Dimensions.

Or as you said I could create a new form based on the Form 20 but please clarify what you mean saying: “On the new form you could add a textbox for a date filter and one for each global dimension”, the Form 20 looks as a line form so there columns headings and records. Where could I put the text box and if I need to put an additional code for filtering. I do not have a developer license if I need to do it?


What I am suggesting would require a knowledge of C/AL code and possibly a developers license. What I am suggesting is to move the table down and add several textboxes across the top for the fields most often filtered, this is just to make it easier for the user to navigate.

Thanks again. I do have C/AL knowledge but I do not have a developer license. Ill try to do it using the form property or the original form 20 would work as well as they just need to apply a filter from the toolbar.