error message after a workstation upgrade

An end user just got a new workstation and gets the following error when tryping to transmit and then can not post.

The operating system cannot gain access to the file ddxmit01.bat

Please check that the file type and attributes are correct.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Hello & welcome to forum!

First, what did you mean by this:

Then, the batch file (ddxmit01.bat) mentioned in err msg has nothing to do with Navision, at least, standard, the problem is elsewhere. You should give more details.

We are using Navigator 5. I think the problem has been resolved. ANother user had exported payroll and did not transmit before the second user did a bath of ach.

A bit off topic:

Navigator 5? I know very vell that Dynamics NAV used to be called Navision and Navision used to be called Navigator, but only in Denmark. In the US it was originally introduced as Avista, but then it got the name Navision, as in the rest of the world.

AND there has never been any version called Navigator 5. There was Navigator 1, 2 and 3, with the last version being called 3.56. This was the DOS based product. With the introduction of the Windows version in 1995 it was first called Navigator Financials, but already with the release of version 2 it was renamed Navision Financials globally.

Maybe Serenic Navigator which is an AddOn for NAV.